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TOPS Pro Errors & Fixes





This quick guide will show fixes to commonly seen errors in TOPS Professional.  

If you are still running into issues after trying these fixes, or if you are having a different issue, please open a new support ticket. 


Error Fix
9/009 Reboot Server
25 Operating system data error
9/018 Rebuild File (If that doesn’t work reboot the server, w/s, then go directly to rebuild, export/restore the file)
Syctlf 9/018 Write down AP, control info from the community, then copy the syctlf.dat from the XX community into the community getting the error, then update the AP, control file with correct information
035 File Not Found
037 Read Only File. Start/run/(server drive)/tops2000/readon.bat
039 File not compatible – rebuild the file
041 Rebuild File
042 Pipe Broken – reboot server
043 No index file. Rebuild file or copy from another community folder or .dat labeled wrong
048 Load file error (file in use). Reboot.
047 Index overflow. Reboot. Also delete fswork.dat/.idx from community folder
065 Reboot w/s, server and rebuild file
199 Install problem. Reboot server and w/s


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    Chris Harrell

    Please add the procedures to correct the following error:

    "Please Export and Restore General Ledger file."