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TOPS Pro- Network Installation



Networking in TOPS works in much the same manner as the standard configuration, except it allows more than one user to work in the program at the same time. The number of users allowed is determined by the number of user licenses you purchase with the software.

Standard network configuration requires loading TOPS™ separately on each workstation in the network with all the community data being stored on the network server. A data path connects each workstation to the server so TOPS knows where to find the data files for each community on the server.

In a peer-to-peer network, workstations connect directly with other workstations to exchange information. We recommend that you select one system in the network to perform as a pseudo-server.

Due to the use of .NET Framework, TOPS Professional™ no longer supports a 'Client Install' option. All workstations must be running a full local installation of the software. 


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